1. What is Shop Smart, Do Good: A Fundraising Day?
Shop Smart, Do Good: A Fundraising Day is a special event hosted by Lord & Taylor in support of local fundraising organizations. Participating organizations will receive an initial allotment of 200 tickets to sell before the date of the event. Each ticket is valued at $3 and includes two 25% bonus coupons with limited exclusions and a 15% savings pass to be used throughout the day on almost everything including cosmetics and fragrances. 

2. What stores are participating in Fundraising Day, and where are they located?

Location Date
Garden City April 2nd
Boca Raton April 3rd
Manhasset April 3rd
Manhasset April 23rd
Eastchester April 25th
Westfield April 29th
Stamford April 29th

 Please use our store locator by entering your zip code to find the location nearest you.

3. How can my fundraising organization sign up?
Click here to complete an application. Select the store you wish to participate in. Once the application is complete you will receive an email from us confirming your group's status.

4. If I have participated in previous Fundraising Day events, do I need to complete a new application?
Yes. You will need  to complete a new application even if you have participated in the past.

5. Can my non profit group participate in more than one store?
Yes. You will need to complete a separate application for each store you wish to participate in. NOTE: We welcome you to participate in more than one store, however, a non-profit group can only win one bonus prize per season. Click on the TICKETS tab to learn more about the Fundraising Day bonus prizes.

6. When will I receive my tickets?
We will host a Fundraising Day Kick-Off at each participating store where we will distribute tickets and answer all questions about Fundraising Day. One representative from each participating organization will be required to attend and will receive a $25 Lord & Taylor gift card for attending.*
*One gift card per organization.

7. When are the Fundraising Day Kick Off events?
Below is a list of confirmed Kick Off dates for all participating stores.

Store Kick Off Event Date Store Location
Boca Raton, FL February 12th 200 Plaza Real, Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL
Garden City, NJ February 12th 1200 Franklin Avenue, Garden City, NY
Ridgewood, NJ February 13th 34 East Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus, NJ
Manhasset, NY February 20th 1440 Northen Boulevard, Manhasset, NY
Eastchester, NY February 20th 750 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, NY
Westfield, NJ February 26th 609 North Avenue, Westfield, NJ

If you missed the Kick Off Event or are unable to attend, please be sure to pick up your tickets at the Executive Office of the store in which you are participating, and bring your organization's 501c3 or Federal Tax Exempt form with you.

8. Can tickets be purchased online?
Yes! Your supporters will have the opportunity to purchase as many tickets as they would like online. A drop down menu will include the names of all participating organizations by store*.  
*Organization names will only be listed online once a 501c3/Federal Tax Exempt form has been received and the physcial tickets have been picked up either at the Kick Off event, or at the store's Executive Office.

 9. If someone buys a ticket from my organization, can that ticket be used at another Lord & Taylor, other than the one my organization has chosen?
If someone purchases a ticket from your organization, that person must shop at the Lord & Taylor in which you are participating.

10. Are there any exclusions on the bonus coupon or savings pass?
There are few exclusions on both the bonus coupon and savings pass, as well as exclusions to additional savings opportunities on Fundraising Day.


FUNDRAISING DAY - 25% off Bonus Coupon (each ticket includes two 25% off bonus coupons)

This 25% coupon excludes Michael Kors jewlery, Ugg, Under Armour, cosmetics, fragrances, beauty accessories, Buy More Save More boots, Smart Value items, charity-related merchandise, Beauty Salon, restaurants, store services and gift cards. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on Limited-Day Specials, selected special sale events or prior purchases. Limit one item per Coupon. Bonus Savings % applied to reduced prices. Not valid on telephone or internet orders. 

FUNDRAISING DAY - 15% throughout the day:

The 15% savings pass excludes  Michael Kors jewelry, Ugg, Under Armour, Smart Value items; charity-related merchandise, Buy More Save More boots, Beauty Salon, restaurants, store services and gift cards. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on Limited-Day Specials, selected special sale events or prior purchases. Bonus savings % applied to reduced prices. Not valid on telephone or internet orders.

FUNDRAISING DAY - for EXTRA 10% throughout the day using your Lord & Taylor credit card:
The extra 10% with your L&T card *Excludes Coach, Ecco, FitFlop, Merrell, Michael Kors jewelry, Ugg and Under Armour; cosmetics, fragrances, and beauty accessories; all Fine Watches, , Smart Value items; charity-related merchandise; selected special sale events; beauty salon, restaurants, store services and gift cards. Purchases subject to credit approval. 

11. What is pre-sell?
Pre sell is allowing clients the opportunity to select merchandise at promotional prices prior to the start of selected events. You cannot go home with the items you pres-ell until the day of the actual event.*

Store Pre Sell Start Date
Boca Raton, FL Coming Soon!
Eastchester, NY Coming Soon!
Garden City, NY Coming Soon!
Manhasset, NY Coming Soon!
Ridgewood, NJ Coming Soon!
Stamford, CT Coming Soon!
Westfield, NJ Coming Soon!

 Is there a cut-off day to purchase tickets online?
Yes. We ask that you make your ticket purchase at least five business days before the date of the event to ensure that your ticket is mailed to you in time for Fundraising Day. Your supporters may purchase tickets in the store at any register if they are unable to purchase them online.

13. Is there a web link I can use or forward to my supporters where online tickets will be sold?
Yes. You will be able to provide your supporters with a specific link where they can purchase tickets online in support of your organization. An email will be sent to all participating organizations when those links become active. 

14. Can tickets be purchased on the day of the event?

Yes. Tickets will be sold at each register on Fundraising Day and approximately two weeks before the event date. Proceeds from register sales will be evenly distributed among all participating organizations selling at least 50 tickets.

15. What is the maximum number of tickets my organization can sell?
Unlimited. Each organization will receive 200 tickets to start off with at the Fundraising Day Kick Off. In order to receive additional tickets, please email your request to dogood@lordandtaylor.com. Once your request has been received, you will be able to pick up additional tickets in the Executive Office at the Lord & Taylor location in which you are participating.

16. Are there any bonus prizes that will be awarded to an organization that sell the most tickets?
Yes! Please visit the Tickets page for more details. NOTE: Only organizations that have filed current annual reports with governmental agencies will be eligible to share in any additional donations. 

17. Are there any costs incurred by the organizations?
No. Lord & Taylor produces the tickets.

18. Does Lord & Taylor keep a percentage of the ticket sales?
No. Each organization will retain all the proceeds from ticket sales.

19. Can we sub-out tickets and have other groups sell for us?                                                 
Yes, but you will be responsible for the financial and numerical accounting of all tickets. Please be sure to include the organization's full name as it appears on the 501c3 or Federal Tax ID form on the back of the admission and validation stubs of the tickets. Stamps and labels are preferred, however, you may print legibly.

20. Do you have any special tips on how to sell tickets?
Yes! Please refer to the Tool Kit where you will find details on the best ways to sell tickets.

21. Will Lord & Taylor support Fundraising Day with any advertising?
Yes! We will run ads promoting Fundraising Day in local papers, and post the event via social media, which include Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. We will also promote the event with in-store signs, and send an eblast to Lord & Taylor customers. In addition, we will issue a press release announcing Fundraising Day.

22. When can we expect to receive additional monies from tickets sold on the day of the event and contest prizes?
Partcipating groups who are eligible for a check can expect to receive one within 45-60 days. Eligible groups include those that have sold at least 50 tickets prior to Fundraising Day, contest winners, and/or groups that have sold tickets online. One check will be mailed to the address listed on your organization's 501c3 or tax exempt form. The check will include a combined total of any money that your organization has earned.  

23. Are there any special appearances and/or events happening in the store on the day of the event?
We will provide frequent updates on in-store events that will take place on Fundraising Day. Check back soon!

24.  Additional questions?
Click here for contact information.