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STRIVECTIN New StriVectin-SD; Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

New StriVectin-SD Eye is a multi-dimensional eye cream targeting crow?s feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This leading eye wrinkle and line fighter is now powered up with a new clinical formula for even greater results. More Science. Less Eye Lines. StriVectin-SD products were extensively tested for skin tolerability, efficacy and were also proven to be non-comedogenic. A key ingredient of StriVectin-SD, NIA-114 by its nature helps to boost cell turnover. You may feel warmth or see a blush upon first application, which should typically last no more than 1-2 hours. This means that StriVectin-SD's NIA-114 is helping to strengthen the epidermic barrier. If uncomfortable, apply a cold compress. If you experience this in the first several days of use, consider an alternative application routine: slowly add products every other day with a light application, gradually increasing use until the full regimen is incorporated over 10 days. To gauge your skin's tolerance before use, apply a patch test of product to the jawline or side of the neck and monitor the area for at least 30 minutes.
What are the side effects of using StriVectin;? There is always a potential at any time for a customer to react to an ingredient(s) contained in a product. In a small group of individuals, a warm flush caused by the NIA-114 technology can occur. Niacin causes small blood vessels in your skin to expand and increase blood flow, presenting as a warm, red, sometimes itchy feeling on the skin. Do not be concerned as this is a natural effect of Niacin that will dissipate with continued use. A "first blush" generally lasts no more than 1-2 hours and dissipates as the molecule is used up by the cells. As you continue to use the products over 7-10 days, your skin cells adjust to the increase in Niacin and flushing no longer occurs. Can I prevent a flush reaction? Yes. Apply a test patch of one of the StriVectin-SD products to the jawline or side of the neck and monitor the area for at least 30 minutes to test your skin?s tolerance. What should I do if a flush occurs? Immediately apply a cold compress to the face to reduce the blood flow and to calm and soothe the skin. Recommend an introductory regimen for beginning the products again ? using only 1 product once per day, applying a very light application until skin adjusts.

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