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TRISH MCEVOY Petite Makeup Planner

Simplify. Customize. Organize. Just imagine . . . the entire contents of your makeup wardrobe beautifully organized and visible at-a-glance, custom tailored to you, and portable at a moment's notice. Trish's revolutionary Makeup Planner; will give you a new kind of makeup experience so breathtakingly easy and flexible it will transform your approach to beauty. Trish's patented makeup organizer is a one-of-a-kind 100% refillable ringed binder and magnetic page system. The singular design eliminates excess packaging enabling all your makeup to be housed in one place and instantly accessible in the order you apply your makeup. Convert to Trish's all-in-one portable makeup vanity and never be cluttered again. Offered in two sizes — Petite and the roomier Mini. Select the Planner that will best suit how much makeup you use and where you typically apply it, or set up a Mini for home and Petite for on-the-go.
The ideal size for home or the makeup aficionado on-the-go. Building Your Planner:

  • Step 1: Pick your Size
  • Step 2: Pick your Page
  • Step 3: Choose the colors and products you desire
  • Step 4: Arrange and rearrange the magnetized colors you?ve selected onto your Pages as you wish!
  • Step 5: Tuck brushes into custom sleeves and organize your makeup pens and tools into pockets
  • Step 6: Proudly display or zip-and-go!

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    Size: One Size


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