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BLISS Porefector

Dual-action device uses sonic waves to purify pores and massage on products. ‘Go-go' complexion perfection! This multi-tasking tool has two fabulous functions, both powered by sonic vibrations. First, it teams up with bliss daily detoxifying facial toner to fight ‘grime', using higher-level vibrations (27,000 per second, to be exact) to power-wash pores and eliminate impurities like dirt, oil and debris. (The proof is in the toner, which goes on clear and looks cloudy after use.) Next, it uses lower-level vibrations to massage treatments and moisturizers onto the skin's surface (much more effective than using your fingers). ‘Skin'-dorsed by Bliss Spa facialists and used professionally, it's the next best thing to an at-home esthetician (but you'll still need to see an in-spa specialist for pro-quality extractions). Wowsers! Kit includes ‘pore'-fector gadget tool, daily detoxifying facial toner (6.7 oz), two samples of steep clean 15-minute facial mask, recharge base unit and power adapter. Results from our testers* after one use: 100% felt the tool cleansed their pores. 88% felt the tool left skin deeply cleansed and fresh. 82% felt that their pores appeared less prominent. **Results reported from an independent commissioned study. Individual results may vary.

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