Lug Soles & Clogs

Originally created for workwear and sports to provide traction, add comfort and enhance durability, the chunky lug sole is making a major comeback as the sole of the season. Designers today are reimagining the stability and strength of the ingenious textured design and finding ways to go harder, lift higher and call attention.

As seen across multiple silhouettes, our favorites range from ‘90s punk-inspired combat boots, gored chelsea boots and hits-high-on-the-shaft ankle boots to soft and tender styles like moccasins and at-home favorites: slides and slippers.

Though these shoes, boots and sneakers are varied and versatile regarding style and function, the lug sole equalizes and finds a common ground that instantly elevates—figuratively and literally—classic designs and pulls them into the current moment. 

Cow print ponyhair mules? Yeah. Sneaker booties? Definitely. Chain loafers? Of course. Clogs, sandals and heels? You bet.

Step outside your comfort zone into a comfortable pair of your favorite style—lugged.