Ties & Tie Clips

There’s the ascot, the bolo, the bowtie, cravat and clip-on, all competing to take the spot of most popular men’s accessory next to the traditional necktie–or tie for short. Men’s fashion has benefited from this subtle addition, taking an outfit from a casual button down and slacks to a semi-formal to formal ensemble ready for the occasion. 

Take it up a notch with an accessory for your accessory. Tie clips offer an extra hand when it comes to gusty winds or extra messy lunch break and dinnertime meals. Serving foremost as a tie holder, they also offer an extra bit of sparkle, shine and individuality to an otherwise standardized uniform. In lieu of a belt and in the spirit of the revival of retro, there are suspenders and bowtie combos worth a scroll-thru in materials like shiny satin and buttery soft leather. If you find a dress shirt  in your closet that seemingly is missing the button cuffs, fret not and find yourself some cufflinks for that French cuff shirt. Part jewelry, part closure, cufflinks are designed to fasten the hem for a perfect fit around the wrists.

Remember: there’s nothing quite like loosening up your tie and uncuffing your sleeves after a long day of work (or dancing) to signal to onlookers a rugged, yet sophisticated evolution of a day well-spent.