Explore Veja's Trendsetting Sneaker Collection at Lord and Taylor

Timeless Appeal: Veja's Classic Sneakers Discover timeless appeal with Veja's classic sneakers, combining sustainability and style seamlessly.

Low Tops and High Tops: Veja's Signature Styles Indulge in Veja's signature low top and high top sneakers, designed to elevate your casual fashion game.

Vibrant Multicolors: Veja's Multicolor Sneakers Embrace vibrancy with Veja's multicolor sneakers, adding a pop of color to your footwear collection.

Lace-Up Comfort: Veja's Lace-Up Sneakers Experience comfort and style with Veja's lace-up sneakers, perfect for everyday wear with a touch of sophistication.

Fashion with a Conscience: Veja's Designer Footwear Veja offers designer sneakers crafted with an eco-conscious approach, ensuring style meets sustainability.

Elevate your footwear fashion with Veja's branded designer sneakers, combining ethics and trends exclusively at Lord and Taylor.