24K Gold Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Box 9-Piece Set

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Nothing is like the relief of stepping in a fizzy bathtub after a long, tiring day. Lovery Bath Bombs effortlessly offer a soothing, relaxing, Zen-like experience. You only need to drop one in your tub to transform it into a stress-relieving spa instantly. They are also completely soluble and leaves no residue, which means cleaning your bathtub will be a breeze. Your Bath Bomb Gift Set contains 9 Premium Bath Bombs individually wrapped in 24Karat Gold. It comes in 9 unique fragrances including Vanilla Coconut, Lavender, Jasmine, Tea Tree, Lemon Basil, Cherry Blossom, Orange, Magnolia and Honey Almond. Our Marble Bath Bombs are made from natural and skin-friendly ingredients that indulge and moisturize your skin. Regardless of your skin type, these bath fizzies will soothe and pamper it – leaving your skin silky soft and feeling youthful, sinuous, and velvety. It is safe to use on sensitive skin too. These Bubble Bath Balls are made from Organic Ingredients such as Shea Butter,

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