art of the bath set
art of the bath set
art of the bath set

Art of the Bath Set

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Think of the 'art of the bath' as a recipe for sensory-driven relaxation. This set provides the tools with which to engage all your senses as you unwind. The Art of the Bath set includes: - Palo Santo Bundle - Palo Santo, a wild tree native to Central and South America, has been used for centuries by healers and Amazonian shamans — dating back to the Incan era. When lit, the rising smoke of this literal holy wood is believed to protect, heal, and cleanse a space of negative energy and misfortune. - Votive No 08 - Milk Bath No 05 Coconut, Lemon, Vanilla - Soak. Infused with a sweet blend of vanilla and lemon peel oil, this luxurious coconut milk bath is pure indulgence. Unwind as the organic coconut gently soothes and moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Bathtime has never felt or smelled this good. - Body Polish No 05 Lemon, Vanilla - Renew. This sugar-and-sea salt polish gently exfoliates and calms the senses with its sweet blend of lemon and vanilla oils,

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