automatic pump espresso machine with thermo block system

Automatic Pump Espresso Machine with Thermo Block System

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Full body stainless steel 19-bar pump espresso machine designed in Switzerland. Outfitted with great features to make your brewing experience easy and produce flawless single and double espressos with perfect crema, cappuccinos, and lattes. Features include a height adjustable pop up drip tray to let you know when it is full, programmable espresso shot sizes, and easy access to the water reservoir. Incorporated thermo block heating system ensures an ideal, constant temperature without delays.

Powerful, easy to use steam nozzle to froth milk, prepare delicious cappuccinos or lattes; and the hot water function used for hot tea. Convenient design with removable frontal water tank and removable drip tray for easy clean up. Heating grid on top to keep the cups warm. Includes a double sided tool of a tamper and spoon, two filter baskets (1 and 2 cup portion). Beautiful stainless steel design with user friendly button control.

Additional features include:

- Works with eit

Style: EM-1020

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