Buddhalu Pink & Sand Turkish Towel

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If your go-to style is soft, feminine and understated, the LUALOHA Turkish Towel Buddhaful in Powder Pink & Sand was made just for you. You’ll always feel gorgeously outfitted when wrapped in the soothing muted tones of these classic hues. Aside from helping you stand out from the typical terry-cloth-towel crowd, this trendsetting LUALOHA is chockful of function and convenience. Use it as a bath towel, take it to the pool or beach, towel off at the spa or gym, or simply display it on your towel rack as a stellar accent piece. Woven with 100% Turkish cotton that is super absorbent and ultra-durable, your LUALOHA is divinely soft, remarkably lightweight and unbelievably quick-drying. You can take your Buddhaful LUALOHA anywhere: From camping and hiking to spa-going and yachting, this high-quality, impeccably colored Turkish towel can join – and dry – you every step of the way.


  • 100% Turkish premium cotton
  • Machine Wash Cold Or War
Style: BUD001-681

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