Campfire Tin Candle

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Some of our fondest memories come from nights spent around a campfire with our friends. Make memories around the campfire all year long by lighting this Shoppe 815 candle in your home. Enjoy the great outdoors and the captivating scent of crackling, smoky timber.??Fragrance Notes:?Strong throw with smoky notes of pine, clove, and timber

  • 13 oz
  • Approximately 80 hour burn time
  • Strong throw with smoky notes of pine, clove, and timber
  • Stainless steel, soy, coconut wax, cotton wick
  • Care instructions: Keep your candle out of reach of children, pets, or drafty areas. Place your candle on a heat resistant surface & discontinue use. When 1/2â€� of wax remains in container. Please note the bottom of the container will get hot as the candle burns down.

    Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4� for a clean burn. Minimum burn time - 1 hour. Maximum burn time – 4 hours. Allow wax pool to reach edge of container every burn, this will maximize the
Style: TIN001

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