Canister Set 4 Piece Set

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Keep your kitchen pantry staples organizer while adding a touch of contemporary flair to your counters with this set of stainless steel canisters. With clear glass bottoms, easily check up on your supply levels without having to unscrew the lid. And with multiple sizes, these canisters will satisfy the needs of your kitchen storage. The set comes complete with the following sizes: 25.5 ounce, 35.5 ounce, 49 ounce, and 62 ounce canisters. The canisters do not come pre-filled, giving you the convenience to add whatever you like. Fill it up with everything from fresh ground peppercorns, kosher salt, flour, beans. Beyond the kitchen, use these versatile style as elegant storage containers for organizing small craft and office supplies. The brushed, elegant stainless steel exterior will match beautifully with stainless steel fixtures and appliances, and most interior decor. Preserve your favorite items and minimize clutter with this stainless steel with high visibility clear gla

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