classic cocktail kit
classic cocktail kit

Classic Cocktail Kit

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Our LUXE Sugar Cubes make instant mimosas, cocktails, mocktails and lattes with the drop of a cube. These cocktail cubes have all the extra ingredients you need to make the drink, just add the spirits! Made with all-natural ingredients and containing only 16 calories, enjoy craft cocktails anywhere, anytime!12 servings


  • MANHATTAN: Cane sugar, natural vermouth extract, black cherry extract, angostura bitters, spiced cherry bitters, natural orange oil, natural caramel dye & natural beet dye. OLD FASHIONED: Cane sugar, natural orange oil, spiced cherry bitters, tartaric acid, angostura bitters, orange peel & organic orange dye. MOSCOW MULE: Cane sugar, organic ginger juice, natural lime, tartaric acid & organic ginger.
  • Step 1: saturate cube with a few drops of hot water Step 2: muddle cube until cube becomes syrup Step 3: Add spirits Step 4: Add Ice and a dash of water to taste
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