Classic Hot Pink Turkish Towel

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Make a fearless fashion statement with this stand-out Hot Pink Classic Turkish towel. This gorgeous towel combines classic design, full function and radiant style in one knockout piece. Fashionable pink lovers can use it as a towel at home, the beach, pool or spa; as a blanket on the campground or hiking trail; as a sarong, shawl or scarf; and even as a charming accent piece on your towel rack or kitchen table. This high-quality 100% Turkish cotton towel has a convenient flat-woven design that makes it lightweight and compact, yet highly absorbent, so you can effortlessly dry off at all your watery events. And best of all, it’s so quick drying that you’ll never have to cramp your style with the awful musky scent of terry cloth towels again. Simply hang your Hot Pink Turkish towel in the sun or wind for about 20 minutes and – voila! – you’re all set to pack up and head out on your next adventure.


  • 100% Turkish premium cotton
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Style: CLA001-670

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