Classic Mint Turkish Towel

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From the ocean or hot tub to the yacht or spa, stay perfectly dry and impeccably accessorized with your fresh and fabulous Bright Mint Classic Turkish towel. Aside from helping you stand out from the regular beach-towel-carrying crowd, this trendsetting LUALOHA also makes your leisure life a lot more leisurely. Woven from 100% Turkish cotton that is super absorbent and ultra-durable, your LUALOHA is divinely soft, conveniently lightweight and unbelievably quick-drying (just give it about 20 minutes in the sun or wind!). So you can easily fit it back into your beach bag or backpack and go on with your busy day. And thanks to Oeko-Tex-certified dye, your beach towel’s stunning mint green hue won’t fade over time – so wash and wear it as often as your LUALOHA-loving heart desires.


  • 100% Turkish premium cotton
  • Machine Wash Cold Or Warm - Hang To Dry
  • Imported
Style: CLA001-330

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