Come Connected Condoms

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Less worry equals more headspace for fun and pleasure. Come Connected Condoms inspire us to be present with ourselves and our partners. From beginning to end, their packaging has been designed to make for a quick and seamless putting-on experience.

  • Easy-to-peel buttercup wrapping
  • Easy roll-on with the tip of the condom facing up upon opening
  • Ultra-lubricated for better protection against breakage and enhanced pleasure
  • Optimized for the vagina’s comfort and health, they use a pH-friendly formulation
  • How to use: Peel off the foil of the buttercup packaging. The condom is wrapped the right way up with the tip facing up and the rim outside. Place it facing up on the tip of the penis or of the penetrative object and roll it on. To roll it on, pinch the tip of the condom to leave some space for semen collection. Unroll the condom on the length of the penis or penetrative object. After ejaculation, while the penis is still hard, place your fi
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