controlled fan brush
controlled fan brush
controlled fan brush

Controlled Fan Brush

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Life Cosmetics Brushes are already creating a buzz among professional makeup artists.

Presenting the first of its kind makeup brushes that utilize an in-house 360-degree crimping system and a new synthetic fiber that feels and performs like natural animal hair, you'll love how soft these brushes feel and how flawless the finish is.

These 100% cruelty free & vegan brushes offer substantially more powder and pigment pickup and release which produces even flawless airbrush finish than any existing brushes on the market today.


  • The Controlled Fan Brush is the ideal tool for perfecting sideburn edge work. It also excels at "fast fixes" and setting powder.
    This brush provides exceptional control to help define and chisel your contour.
    It's outstanding for buffing, blending and creating excellent gradation from a strong pigment to a soft fade.
    Creates flawless opening and reveal around the hairline for a soft photo finish.
    Ideal for color wash for “sweeping” to blend from face to neck.
  • Exceptional for dry brush clean up to “sweep” any unwanted makeup particles on small areas.
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Gently wash with mild soap
  • Imported

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