Cooling and Warm Reversible All Season Mattress Pad

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Does your bed feel too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter? Our Sleep Philosophy reversible mattress pad is the revolutionary ‘all seasons’ answer to your problem. It’s a single mattress pad that has two separate temperature controlled sides to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. COOLING SIDE—Breathable 100% cotton percale that’s specially treated to absorb excess heat. This side contains patented Micax® cooling fiber that helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. Micax® fiber is also naturally deodorizing. WARMING SIDE—Breathable 100% cotton terry cover is filled with patented Wintersun® thermal fiber. This fiber pulls heat from your body, stores it and releases it back when your body temperature decreases. Wintersun® fiber is also moisture wicking, antibacterial and naturally deodorizing. Both sides are fully quilted to insure even distribution of the fiber and there are anchor bands on each of the four corners to keep the pad firml

Style: CoolingandWarmWhite

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