Cutlery Holder

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Featuring an exposed frame and perforated bottom the Simplicity Utensil Holder allows excess water to freely pass through making it perfect for draining cutlery and flatware after washing. The container is great for drying your damp cutlery and flatware, but it’s also equally useful for storing a wide range of items. Its large enough to provide plenty of room to house a range of items. Its wide circumference plenty of room for tidying up a nice medium stack of your frequently used kitchen tools and gadgets including whisks, cooking spoons and spatulas. With its weighted design this holder remains steady and keeps your utensils centered so that they are easier to get to for your next recipe. And if you’re tired of having to dig through drawers to find your shimmering new silverware to complete your holiday table spread, this flatware caddy is happy to lend a helping hand. Fill this empty holder with your dinner spoons, knives, spoons, and forks. Leave it out on the buffet

Style: LTY81050

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