Dish Rack Compact

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You’ll never have to worry about having spot for all your freshly washed dishes to be store and dry, the compact dish rack provides plenty room for it all while not consuming precious countertop space. The dish drying rack features thick and sturdy steel tubes for holding heavy dinner plates. The extra large capacity utensil holder features drain holes along the bottom of the dish rack allowing water to freely pass through so all your silverware, kitchen gadgets, and tools quickly dry between washings. The utensil holder is also detachable making it easy to clean as needed. It comes complete with a draining tray that has a raised dotted surface which keeps items such as glasses and small mugs from slipping out of place. Or move it out of the way to find metal bars for draining To clean the unit, simply hand wash with warm water, and use mild soap. Dry thoroughly after use. Item dimensions may differ slightly from the actual product due to the unique nature of the product an

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