Featherweight StyleMax Professional Hair Dryer with Automated Heat

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Meet your perfect heat match - The T3 Featherweight StyleMax professional hair dryer automatically customizes heat and airflow to your hair texture and styling goals for better results with less damage. Optimized for every hair type, four attachments pair with four unique Style Modes to rough dry, smooth, diffuse, or volumize. Just input your hair texture, secure your attachment, and match up your Style Mode. Advanced T3 StyleMax™ technology will automatically adjust 5 heat and 3 speed settings to maximize your results and minimize heat damage.

After your custom settings are locked in, Digital T3 IonAir™ technology powers a smart microchip to minimize temperature fluctuations and prevent over-drying. A custom-designed fan propels an organized airstream that's 2x wider for faster styling. And a powerful ion generator saturates hair with 10 million negative ions per second for a smooth, shiny, frizz-free finish. Up the style. Drop the damage.

  • T3 StyleMax™ Technology: T3 StyleMax™ Technology customizes 5 heat and 3 speed settings to your hair texture and styling goals for smooth, shiny results with less damage
  • Digital T3 IonAir™ Technology: Equipped with a smart microchip and custom-designed fan, Digital T3 IonAir™ technology powers a wide, ion-infused airstream to gently dry hair fast while locking in body and shine
  • Smart Microchip: Digitally controls heat settings to keep temperature fluctuations in check, Custom-Designed Fan: Propels a 2x wider airflow for faster drying, Ion Generator: Minimizes static frizz, boosts shine, and locks in style
  • Manual mode, volume boost switch, cool shot, 9 ft. cord with cord wrap, 2-year warranty
  • Ceramic
  • Imported

How to Use: Power on. Input your hair texture. Secure your attachment and select your Style Mode. T3 StyleMax technology customizes 5 heat and 3 speed settings to your unique hair texture and styling selections

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