Fruit Basket

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Keep a large amount of fruit close at hand and put an end to early spoilage with this high capacity steel wire fruit basket. With a deep interior it comfortably fits fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a medium-sized butternut squash, a generous portion of apples and nectarines, a batch a strawberries, or a large bundle of bananas. The wire basket is open making it simple for you and your guests to quickly reach in and out of the basket. Big on capacity and on style, the moderate size is great for larger and commercial kitchens, while its minimal design coordinates with your existing décor. Fill this empty basket with your fruits, veggies, and snacks of choice. For a delightfully chic centerpiece, prop it on your coffee table in your living room. Or display on your kitchen counter to keep fruit and vegetables easily accessible for guests and the entire family. With perfectly spaced gaps between the metal wire it maintains proper ventilation and allows

Style: LTY81048

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