Fuzzy Quick-Drying Anti-Skid and Machine Washable Dog Mat

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The Pet Life ® 'Fuzzy' Quick-Drying Anti-Skid and Machine Washable Dog Mat is composed of a specially developed super-absorbent material that's designed to hold excess water or liquid with added Quick-Drying properties. The Fuzzy Pet Mat is designed to keep paws and floors clean and great for placement in dirty entry ways around the home and perfect when used as a bathing or lounging mat. The Ultra-Soft and comfortable finger-like fibers are designed to capture dirt, grease and grime more effectively and is also Soft and Comfortable for resting on. The bottom of the Mat features Anti-Skid or Non-Slip backing that is designed to stick to hard surfaces. This Fuzzy Mat also features Reinforced stitching for added durability that's designed to last and is the perfect size for both larger and smaller Cat and Dog Breeds. Machine Washable and easy to clean. Available in Multiple Colors. SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H 31 X 21 X 1.2


Style: PB112Blue

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