Gotta Have Faith Pill Bottle Candle

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This glass pill bottle candle comes in a blue glass jar with a white plastic childproof cap to replicate a real pill bottle. Each vessel is then hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils perfumed by Swiss fragrance house Givaudan and a single cotton wick to provide a clean burn. This candle was designed by graffiti artist Dirt Cobain and inspired by George Michael's' Faith song. Sometimes when you want to walk into uncharted territories, start something new, or leave something old, you gotta have faith that it will work out. That's what this candle is about. It's a reminder you can place in your home on your kitchen counter, bedroom nightstand or living room coffee table as words of wisdom. Gift this candle to a friend who shows you strength, courage and persistence, or who might need some from you. Candle Burn time: 40-60 hours Wax Weight: 280g / 10.5oz Vessel Size: 2.5 X 5 X 2.5 Fragrance Notes: Myrrh Redwood: Tonk


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