Heads Up Bowl

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A quartet of glasses designed by the always stylish Englishman Nigel Coates. The selection, like the designer himself, is confident, charming, yet eminently usable. The hand-blown tumbler is cleverly ridged, almost inviting the user to hold it in their hand. The wine glasses are also extremely tactile. The champagne glass is as charming as a cocktail dress and demands to admired. At once playful yet refined, Heads Up is a marvellously individual and memorable range. The British designer Nigel Coates is renowned for his elegance and style. But like all the best Englishmen, he also possesses a wry sense of humour. His Heads Up collection, especially designed for NUDE, incorporates all of those elements. The double curve of the design plays with the light, the thick base of each item creating the sense that each of the pieces are floating in air. Each item incorporates the same element of sensuousness and light, the bowls have a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine.

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