Leather Tin Candle

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We love the feeling of opening up our closet to a brand-new leather jacket and being surrounded by the intoxicating scent. Just like a leather jacket, know that you are adding a long-lasting, finely crafted product to your home with this Shoppe 815 candle. Light up this mild scent and enjoy this raw yet refined musk.??Fragrance Notes:?Mild throw with musky undertones of well worn Italian leather, musk, and sandalwood

  • 13 oz
  • Approximately 80 hour burn time
  • Mild throw with musky undertones of well worn leather
  • Stainless steel, soy, coconut wax, cotton wick
  • Care instructions: Keep your candle out of reach of children, pets, or drafty areas. Place your candle on a heat resistant surface & discontinue use. When 1/2â€� of wax remains in container. Please note the bottom of the container will get hot as the candle burns down.

    Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4� for a clean burn. Minimum burn time - 1 hour. Maximum burn time – 4 hour
Style: TIN003

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