stain erasers
stain erasers
stain erasers
stain erasers
stain erasers

Stain Erasers

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Maintain your white smile and prevent new stains from setting in using the Stain Eraser Touch Ups in this fun new sustainable tin. Go Smile’s unique one-time-use whitening applicators allow you to freshenup your smile in seconds, anywhere, anytime. With its easy to use patented ApplicatorTechnology™, just Flip, Pop and Erase. Within seconds, you can create a durable defense against stain causing foods such as wine, coffee and tea.

How to use Stain Erasers
1. Remove applicator from sleeve and flip it around.
2. Return to sleeve and ensure white cotton tip is exposed.
3. Point cotton tip downwards while using fingers from both hands to squeeze and POP the plastic and glass applicator.
4. After you hear it pop, squeeze the applicator (with the cotton tip still facing downwards) until you see it become saturated and just about to drip.
5. Erase stains by continuing to squeeze while rubbing the serum onto teeth until you taste the mint flavor.
6. Try to avoid contact with the gums while focusing on your teeth. Wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking.
*Note: Application is one use only, discard after use. Use up to 3 Stain Erasers per day

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