Striped Goodness Sky Blue & Sand Turkish Towel

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Match your favorite coastline with the Sky Blue & Sand Striped Goodness Turkish towel. The soothing shades of this 100% Turkish cotton towel make it the perfect seaside companion. From surfing or swimming to tanning or building sandcastles, whatever your beachy activity of choice, this towel won’t disappoint. Its soft and lightweight, yet super absorbent, so you’ll always keep dry. Just leave it in the sun while you lounge on your chair, and it’ll be dry and ready to take on your next adventure in about 20 minutes. Not the beach type? No worries, your Sky Blue & Sand Turkish towel will only give off beachy vibes while you work out at the gym, vacation on a yacht, hike the trails or camp at your favorite serene spot. No matter your preference, this high-quality, impeccably colored Turkish towel can join – and dry – you every step of your fabulous day.


  • 100% Turkish premium cotton
  • Machine Wash Cold Or Warm - Hang To Dry
Style: STR001-451

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