symphonia cupra saucepan

Symphonia Cupra Saucepan

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Symphonia, which means 'symphony' in Latin, is the harmonic complex of sounds and voices that make a melody. Like a symphony in the kitchen, this collection seamlessly merges the unsurpassed cooking performance of solid copper and the convenience and durability of internal stainless-steel lining, with just a touch of Italian flair in the form of the signature Ruffoni hand-hammered finish, and striking handles inlaid with a stamped copper coin.

Thanks to the high edges and included lid, this small saucepan is ideal for simmering pasta sauces, stocks, and reductions without splashing around. When not cooking for a crowd, the small saucepan is perfect to boil grains and diced vegetables and serve a delicious soup for two.

Made in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hammered by our master artisans for increased strength and lasting beauty, and internally lined with practical, easy-to-care-for stainless steel for daily convenience. The match

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