Utensil Holder

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That fancy and classy set of silverware you were gifted for Christmas is just too beautiful to keep tucked away in a drawer. Proudly have your shiny flatware out in display in this elegant high capacity tin utensil holder. Designed with elegant lettering and a textured honeycomb pattern, it looks absolutely stunning on top of the counter, kitchen island or a bar cart. Store stacks of forks, spoons, and kitchen knives and set on the kitchen table. The holder is conveniently labeled across the front surface making it easy for guests to quickly grab the utensils the need at your next party. The tall and wide design is big enough to also hold your most frequently used kitchen tools, including large cooking spoons, ladles, and spatulas. Constructed with thick walls and weighted bottom, this utensil holder will stay firmly in place. With its elegant lettering and durable design, it’s the perfect piece to elevate your décor or to gift to friends and family. Item dimensions may differ

Style: LTY81055

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